Is this Young Living corporate's website?

No, YL$cents is a third party owned company, not affiliated with Young Living Essential Oils Corporate. If you currently are utilizing the Young Living Essential Oils personal website software, this is not the same, and in order to utlilize YL$cents, you will have to establish an account with our company.

What makes YL$cents different from other websites?

YL$cents combines the latest technology and educational materials on the market, creating the most up to date website available for Young Living distributors. Other websites have old Young Living logos, old campaigns and programs, and are essentially out of date. YL$cents is innovating in the field of distributor resources and website design, providing not only the most current product information, but also the most back office resources for members to use to build their business.

What are all of YL$cents features?

Some of our key features include up to date logos, email campaigns, product formulations, and an amazing back office constantly being updated with new innovative business tools. View our full list of features and details by clicking on our FEATURES PAGE

What are my options for website packages?

View our complete line of website packages on our SIGN UP page -- save 37% by paying annually!

I am interested in trying out YL$cents. Is there anyway I can try out the website?

Yes! YL$cents has nothing to hide but the greatest website ever produced for Young Living distributors. Our pricing packages are very competive compared to other websites on the market so you can see for yourself, what makes YL$cents the best duplicatable website on the market. You can establish your account and website by visiting our SIGN UP page and try it out for one month.  When you find all the remarkable tools available and put them to use, continue your payments.  If you want to save on your monthly fees, simply upgrade to an annual membership.

Which countries is YL$cents available for?

Currently, our website is optimized for members of the US market, Canada, and US NFR Countries. The product and compensation information is catered to this market, however the information provided will benefit a member's business in any market. We also have platforms developed for Australia and Singapore markets

Does YL$cents have a Referral Program?

No. YL$cents does not offer a referral program, for a few reasons. We have priced our website very affordably, averaging to $12.50/month on a yearly package (below every other major website platform) so members could afford to purchase the website and begin building their business. The purpose of YL$cents is to help its members share Young Living online, easier. We want YL$cents members referring people to their own website, focusing on spreading the message of essential oils to every home in the world and building their Young Living business. We want members to focus on building their Young Living business, and not worrying about referring members in order to get a free website.

How do I change my payment choice?

When you chose to go with a monthly package and then decide while you're at the payment screen that you want to purchase a yearly package instead, there are only two steps you need to take.  At the bottom of the screen there is a button that says [cancel and go back to]; next you will [LOGIN] with your username and email you set up.  When you LOGIN, it will automatically take you to the payment choices again where you can select your payment plant. You DO NOT need to input all your information a second time, as it has been stored and simply waiting for payment to activate the website. 

If you wish to change which account your preauthorized payment is drawn from, simply log into paypal, go to your profile, preauthorized payments and update your information.  If you do not have a paypal account, simply call paypal to assist you in changing your preauthorized payment, referring to your initial confirmation email.

I don't have PayPal, what do I do?

Although PayPal is our platform to collect monies, you DO NOT need to have a PayPal account in order to pay.  At the bottom of the screen there is an option for "pay with debit or credit card".  You do not have to enroll for a PayPal account, although when you complete your transaction, it will ask if you want to set one up.  The choice is yours.

I accidentally timed out, or logged out and now my webname is not available? What do I do now?

We still have your information.  All you need to do is go back to LOGIN, and you will be redirected to a payment page where you can complete your website purchase.

PayPal says I have to LOGIN what do I do?

If you have previously enrolled with a PayPal account, you will need to 1) contact PayPal to get your password; 2) choose another email address and a different credit card then what you had activated on PayPal.  Should you enter a credit card number that you had saved on PayPal, it will ask you to LOGIN and you will need to contact PayPal to sort out your account to reactivate it, or remove that credit card from your PayPal account.

Why did my charge show differently then 19.97?

As we are a Canadian-based corporation, subscriptions are based in Canadian Dollars.  There will be a slight fluctuation depending on what the foreign exchange rate is that month.  PayPal automatically charges the differences.  

I had a second charge appear?  If you are paying through a debit card, some banks charge a foreign exchange fee in addition to PayPal's fee, if you are setting the payment up without setting up your PayPal account first.  Check with your bank on if this charge would apply.  

What does the backoffice look like?

Visit for some live demonstrations of how the back office will work for you.

From our back office, you have access to our online business tools store, Young Living training material (Audo, Video, Documents), on-site blog, manage your subscribers to the email campaigns, and also adjust your contcat information, as well as your social media. You also have direct access to, as well as your Young Living Virtual Office! Our scrolling bar along the right side is where YL$cents administrators can update website owners of any changes, adjustments, and new training tools avaialbe on the website.

What can I customize on my website?

You can customize all of your social media, your contact page, front page contact information, and have full control over your on-site blog (if you activate that feature, if you do not want a blog, it will not show up)

From your contact page you can fill in your biography, tell your story, etc. You can upload a youtube video of your choice as well, or leave this area blank.

On every page, there is contact information on the right side that you can change